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Home James Home offers customised function services together with its private membership. This is perfect for end of year functions, sales functions, staff parties, promotional events, etc

Necessity for Home James Home

  • The Function Service allows for any function attendee to make use of this service regardless of whether or not they are Home James Home members.
  • Eliminates the worry of leaving one's car at a venue and fetching it the following morning.
  • Eliminates the worry of not being able to enjoy the function properly for fears of being caught while driving under the influence or worse, having an accident while under the influence.
  • Allows function attendees to relax and enjoy the function without the nagging worry of which roads to travel afterwards to avoid road blocks.

  • Benefits to Host

  • Increased Social Responsibility by providing a safe alternative to drunk driving.
  • Reduced culpability in the event of a function attendee being involved in an incident while under the influence.
  • Reduced risk of financial harm by affording staff and employees who drive company vehicles a safe alternative to drunk driving.
  • Uphold your and your Brand’s integrity by offering business associates, clients and employees attending your function a safe alternative to drunk driving.
  • Home James Home chauffeurs will be clearly visible and distinguishable to function attendees at entrances/ exits.
  • Home James Home Home James Home
  • Home James Home also offers customizable corporate packages at discounted rates.
  • Increase your firm’s corporate social responsibility by taking out a corporate package for select managers or employees.
  • Uphold firm’s integrity and avoid negative publicity involving employees that are caught driving under the influence or that have an accident while under the influence.
  • Offer your HOD’s or managers an added incentive by taking out a corporate package that will allow them to make use of the service.
  • Protect company vehicles and protect the company from liability.

  • For a free corporate package quote, email your contact details and the number of employees/people you wish to have included in your corporate package to info@homejameshome.co.za
    Home James Home

    Each team consists of one chauffeur and one support driver. Up to 3 teams may be hired per evening depending on the host’s requirements.

    A friendly female company representative (responsible for co-ordination of the service) will be present at the entrance or exit to offer and promote the service. Once somebody has decided that they want to utilize a chauffeur, the chauffeur will contact our call centre to log the client’s information and destination.

    The chauffeur will then accompany the client to their car and will drive them to their destination safely. The support driver will follow the chauffeur and will drive the chauffeur back to the function venue to await the next client.

    Please note that the support driver may not give lifts to function attendees.
    Only the chauffeur may drive the function attendee home in his or her own vehicle.
    Home James Home